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Interactive posters that tell a story?

For an exhibition of the Berlin Pilecki Institute, we bring print posters with augmented reality to life.

Do you want to package a serious topic the right way?

We have developed a campaign for the Berlin Pilecki Institute that manages to convey a serious topic in an appealing way. The exhibition entitled “The Volunteer. Witold Pilecki and the Infiltration of Auschwitz” recalls a dark chapter in German history and a hero who tried to change its course. Using the latest, web-based augmented reality (AR) and storytelling, we have designed exhibition posters that take the viewer on a virtual journey into the past.

[Translate to English:] AR-Animation für die Pilecki-Ausstellung in Berlin

Animated story and telling it in 3D

Witold Pilecki was a Polish freedom fighter and the only voluntary prisoner in Auschwitz. He was deliberately deported in World War II to expose the Nazi crimes in the concentration camp and to report firsthand to the Allied Forces. The print posters expanded by an AR level draw attention to the exhibition dedicated to him by animating his story and telling it in 3D.

The AR animation illustrates Pilecki's trip to Auschwitz in the same reduced design language as the print motifs of the posters. Thanks to the 3D effect, users can take different perspectives in the animation and immerse themselves even better in the virtual world.

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Advertising posters as portals?

The AR experience can be started using the QR code printed on the advertising posters. Viewers can scan this with the camera of their smartphone and then experience the poster as a three-dimensional animation on the cell phone display. There is no need to install an app; the AR application is web-based. In this way, every exhibition poster becomes a portal into a virtual historical experience.

In addition to AR posters all over Berlin, the campaign for the Pilecki exhibition includes animated ads for the digital info screens in the Berlin S-Bahn stations and ads for social media. The campaign accompanies the exhibition for its entire duration and is active from September 17, 2019 to March 31, 2020.

Ausstellungsplakate mit AR-Animation
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