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Small stories, big emotions?

For the campaign ‘Free rent with hr3’, Saint Elmo's developed a campaign that celebrates willingness to help and give the hr3 brand an emotional charge.

Stories from everyday life

How do you evoke emotions such as joy, compassion, gratitude, hope and optimism? Our campaign for hr3 achieves this by telling small stories from everyday life that everyone can relate to.

[Translate to English:] Emotionale Kampagne für die Aktion „Miete frei mit hr3“

A campaign for togetherness?

At the start of 2021, the radio station will launch the ‘Free rent with hr3’ promotion, whereby radio listeners from Hesse can win their rent for a whole year. Saint Elmo's was charged with conceiving of and developing an integrated campaign for digital media, social media and out-of-home advertising that would draw attention to the competition and that suited the hr3 slogan ‘At home in Hesse, we’re there for each other’.

It pays to be there for each other!

Our idea: to tell stories about humanity and the willingness to help that everyone has experienced in one way or another and can thus identify with. It is about the positive feelings that people get when they help others spontaneously and altruistically. The message is clear: ‘It pays to be there for each other!’

As part of the hr3 campaign, we present five such stories in the form of short films. In a human and approachable manner, the vignettes reveal how people in Hesse are there for each other and help each other. With authentic people and situations from real life.

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Win and fulfil your heart's desire?

In one of the scenes, for example, we tell the story of a young mother who is able to get her son equine therapy. This is a true story that happened as part of last year’s competition. It once again highlights the charitable idea of social togetherness and the approach of the hr3 campaign: hr3 listeners who win will get the opportunity to undertake a project that is close to their heart with the money they save.

At the end of the film, the two presenters on the hr3 morning show, Tanja and Tobi, address viewers with the words: ‘At home in Hesse, we're there for each other. We’ll pay your rent for a year’. Viewers can then access the competition page in just one click.

[Translate to English:] Saint Elmo's: hr Kampagne
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