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Does a campaign work without a brand?

Conception and implementation of a campaign to advertise the Natur Aktiv offers in Carinthia


The Carinthia tourism brand stands for summer holidays by the lake combined with sun and the south. The brand is not assigned a competence for mountain experiences. That's why the Natur Aktiv special interest campaign has been in existence since 2015. In the first campaign, the Carinthia brand was in the foreground, with modest success. The following year, Saint Elmo's was able to prove through an AB test that a campaign without a direct connection to the Carinthian brand leads to better results. The result was a landing page with the neutral domain www.berglust.at, with a clear focus on the mountain experience and the goal of drawing as many potential guests as possible to the mountain adventure holiday in Carinthia and this through a long stay and a high return rate. The Carinthian regions involved prepare and maintain the offers and topics. For high content quality, Saint Elmo's conducted workshops with photographers and copywriters. The originality and quality of the offers are in the foreground, the Carinthia brand is in the background – with measurable proof: A campaign works without a brand!

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When is media planning successful?

When its defined goals are achieved. After the modest result of 2015, these were formulated together with the customer for the Berglust campaign. More qualified visitors, longer stay, lower bounce rate and returning to interested visitors. These requirements were met through a mix of high-reach media, special interest media, content promotion, social media marketing and search re-targeting, which was geared towards the target group.

Berlust Kärnten Saint Elmo's
Berlust Kärnten Saint Elmo's
Berlust Kärnten Saint Elmo's
Berlust Kärnten Saint Elmo's
Berlust Kärnten Saint Elmo's

Does good content make you want to see mountains?

Oh yes, it does. But the challenge lies in the "good" part. Especially when the content is prepared and maintained by the regions themselves. Clear guidelines and grades are required. Saint Elmo's developed a content guideline for berglust.at that all content managers adhere to. It's anchored in how mountain pleasure writes, how mountain pleasure tastes, how it feels and how it sounds. And so it ripples, chirps and rustles in the content. Saint Elmo's did the same for the visual language and hired the well-known influencer and photographer Simon Reiner for a workshop in Carinthia. Lots of nature, natural light, no up to a maximum of two people, no postcard motifs, but story-telling pictures. This is the content-related requirement for the pictures. Technically, the participants learn the basics of RAW, resolution and sensor and the relationship between exposure time, aperture and ISO value. After comments on the digital workflow and the Adobe Lightroom, the motto was: Let's do it. The shoot took place outside in nature and then analyzed and optimized inside – with a result that can be seen at berglust.at.

Berglust Saint Elmo's
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Why Mobile First?

In the first year of the campaign, mobile access was still below 50%. They are now over 70%. A clear signal for Saint Elmo's to think about the "Mobile first" website and to put the behavior of smartphone users in the foreground with all optimizations: Short, crisp content with simultaneous observance of the SEO criteria. Square or portrait format pictures and emotionally charged, videos that peak curiosity while taking into account the short loading times. Good user guidance for long visits.

Can success still be beaten?

The campaign is regularly checked and optimized by Saint Elmo's using a tracking tool. During the campaign period, the customer receives periodic interim reports. At the end of the campaign, all figures will be prepared in a detailed presentation and in a clear factsheet. The partners in particular appreciate the latter because they see all relevant figures at a glance.  This saves the participants a lot of reading time and enables a quick comparison to the previous year's results. As part of the on-site results presentation, in which all regions are represented where possible, not only the numbers are discussed. Due to the in-depth analyses and comparisons with the previous year's results, Saint Elmo's also has suggestions for optimization and learning. On the basis of these learnings, the regions fine-tune their products and optimize the offers. The campaign-by-campaign content becomes even more user-centered, which is reflected in the results. Success is topped every year. The users are getting more and more interested in the mountain experience in Carinthia and the customer is more interested in content-rich campaigns.

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