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What's important is what's inside

20. November 2019, Hubertus von Lobenstein

SAINT ELMO'S Berlin is leading an international campaign for Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE in six countries – with and without a TV flight, as required. The latest activity is a humorous TV spot especially for Switzerland: Olympic ski champion Wendy Holdener even climbs into a fridge ...

The Berlin-based creative agency SAINT ELMO'S was chosen as the lead agency of Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE after a multi-stage selection process and has since been responsible for communication in six European countries (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Spain and Belgium). With a clear commitment to product quality, the traditional Swiss company acts as an international power brand.

The current highlight is a TV spot for Switzerland with ski star Wendy Holdener. The film advertises a special edition of Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE, namely the CAFFÈ WENDY. The highlight: Because WENDY is now also ice-cooled, Olympic champion Wendy Holdener even climbs into a fridge for the spot.

The film runs exclusively on Swiss TV. It's flanked by advertisements that appear in some Swiss magazines and in the program booklet of all World Cup races and are linked to a competition. 

Background: The overarching campaign focuses on product quality

Since 2018, SAINT ELMO'S Berlin and Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE have been running a cross-media campaign with a lot of humor and a clear focus on product quality. In order to gather the different Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE varieties under one roof, SAINT ELMO'S Berlin has developed the claim "What's important is what's inside". It's the heart and anchor of all communication content and contributes to the guiding theme of "quality". One of its core competencies is that Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE is made from freshly brewed Arabica coffee with the finest beans from different countries of origin and that it gets its distinctive taste thanks to the best Swiss milk.

Six countries, six communication requirements. But who needs what? 

The particular challenge was to create a campaign that works both with and without a TV flight, depending on the country budget. A focus on communication is therefore on social media and digital.

The cross-border campaign currently includes the following advertising media: three image spots, four tag-ons / bumper ads and print / OOH with seven motifs; also numerous social media activities that are specifically geared to the needs of the country-specific target groups. 

The spots will be shown on TV in Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. All other measures – social media, print and OOH – run in different forms in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Spain and Belgium. SAINT ELMO'S Berlin looks after customers from classic advertising to community management. 

Quote from Thomas Morf, Chief Marketing Officer Emmi Group: 
“In a tough competitive situation, we did not look for the lowest common denominator, but for a campaign with impact. With Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE we have an international power brand – and we are happy to have found the right campaign and agency for it.”

Hubertus von Lobenstein, CEO of SAINT ELMO'S Berlin:
“We are proud to work for a traditional Swiss company like Emmi. Above all, however, we are delighted with Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE, a customer who has the courage to break new ground with the agency, especially in digital. 

Quote from Yvonne Baumgartner, Global Category Head Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE & Drinks:
 “Our coffee means everything to us, maybe even a little bit more. Our aim is to always be a little better, always go the extra mile for really good coffee. This also applies to our communication. It makes us all the happier to drive a cross-country and cross-product communication strategy that focuses on our quality standards."

Ice cold, refreshing and brewed from the finest coffee beans: Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE is the pioneer of cold milk / coffee mix drinks and currently produces nine different flavors and at least one innovation per year. The company is based in Switzerland.

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