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"Crazy about snow" campaign for the Snow Card Tirol

The popular seasonal ski pass for the world's greatest skiing fun is achieving a crazy popularity and desirability.

How good are crazy goals?

The Snow Card Tirol is one of the most popular season ski passes in Tyrol and southern Germany and celebrates its 10th anniversary in winter 2019/2020. Saint Elmo's launched the Snow Card Tirol together with the 5 Tyrolean glaciers, developed the strategy and the brand image and has been responsible for the success story since the beginning through courage, innovation, reliability and thinking beyond the snow line. If the sales figures are already utopian, it does not correspond to the definition of SMART goals to want to increase them because the R seems realistic and unrealistic. Not for Saint Elmo's. This is the attraction for tourism professionals to make the good even better, to think differently of the familiar, to leave the beaten path and to break new ground – with the result that they have achieved the SMART goal.

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What is the recipe for success?

Look back, look in, look further and look ahead. Learn from the campaign results. Analyze the numbers carefully. Build on the ongoing optimizations. Always have the goals in focus and always think about the day after tomorrow. This creates campaigns that are both knowledge-based and results-oriented: cross-media and extremely digital with a social media share of 25% of the budget and a high proportion of programmatic advertising.

Is this true (love)?

If the number of "real" Facebook fans increases from one season to the next from 25,000 by 82% to 44,419. When the number of "real" Instagram followers has grown steadily since the channel was launched and is now in the process of heading for the 5,000 mark. When “crazy” posts stimulate community interaction and 172,564 website visitors are crazy about snow. Then that's not just "true". Then there is a bit of “love” from the user who addresses Saint Elmo's with the campaign. But it's much more the knowledge of the "heavy" users that Saint Elmo's has and which is used for precise addressing. By purchasing the ski passes, valuable data is known such as where you live, your age, how often and where you ski, and even how much you ski. Is it a pleasure skier or one of these 9-to-5 slope and powder freaks. Based on this data, statistical twins are addressed, whose interest in the Snow Card Tirol is very high and whose conversion rate is very high.

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Can we sell more?

When sources are exhausted, Saint Elmo's opens up new ones. One of them is the voucher order on www.snowcard.tirol.at, with which the Snow Card Tirol becomes a quickly bought gift. The sophisticated technology keeps a record of payment and redemption and reduces the administrative effort to zero. The collaborations with SAAC (Snow Alpine Awareness Camps) and Blue Tomato, the Shop für Snow, Surf und Skate with over 500 brands, also open up new potential.

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