[Translate to English:] Eine Küchenparty mit Iggy Pop?

Kitchenparty with Iggy Pop?

In the brand campaign by Saint Elmo's Munich, Iggy Pop celebrates SCHOCK's colorful product diversity.

Welcome to SCHOCK’s Home of Colourful!

With kitchen sinks, mixers and accessories from SCHOCK, not only the kitchen becomes more colourful, but also life. The brand campaign by Saint Elmo's Munich expresses this in an electrifying production with Iggy Pop. The focus is on the colourful variety of products from SCHOCK, with which every kitchen can be designed individually and colourfully.

[Translate to English:] Saint Elmo's Markenkampagne für SCHOCK

A stage for new stories

As the heart of the home and the centre of every party, the kitchen is where the best and craziest stories happen. In SCHOCK's Home of Colourful, that's why the kitchen becomes the stage for new stories: Here, punk legend Iggy Pop celebrates a fantastic party together with animal party guests.

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Entertaining brand communication

Otter DJs, cocktail-mixing hamsters, dancing lynxes, a party owl with a disco ball and Iggy Pop in the middle: the imaginative staging creates a party mood and conveys the joie de vivre that can be celebrated with SCHOCK designs.

The protagonists of the campaign were not chosen at random: Iggy Pop stands for individuality and a very personal lifestyle like no other - values that he shares with the SCHOCK brand. With the world-class testimonial, the campaign also gains international relevance.

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Party animals with symbolic power

The animal animations show protected species from the Bavarian Forest, the home of the SCHOCK company. They are also a symbol for the brand's sustainability promise.

The Europe-wide campaign began on March 13th online and in social media, and also out of home in Germany. Iggy and his colourful crew of animals from the Bavarian Forest will also soon be moving in with retailers. As digital lead agency, Saint Elmo's Munich is responsible for the concept and implementation of the SCHOCK campaign, which was directed by Arwed Berendts, Managing Partner, Saint Elmo's Munich – in creative collaboration with photographer and illustrator Klaus Pichler. Namoto is responsible for the film production.

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