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How do you explain crop protection?

Saint Elmo's develops brand identity and corporate design for the new brand NUCROP.

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How do you create a joint brand from two companies?

The Australian crop protection and seed technology company Nufarm and German tech start-up CROP.ZONE have embarked on a collaboration to jointly launch a new hybrid crop protection solution in key European markets. As part of the branding process, Saint Elmo's developed the brand story and brand positioning as well as the name NUCROP, the brand claim and corporate identity of the brand.


Brand story and brand positioning

The innovative crop protection solution from Nufarm and CROP.ZONE offers farmers a sustainable and effective alternative for weed control. In hybrid weed control, plants are sprayed with a liquid that is safe for organic farming and then treated with electricity. We summed up the benefits for farmers in the brand story:

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[Translate to English:] Saint Elmo's: NUCROP Logo

Hybrid solution for brand name and logo too?

The hybrid character of the crop protection solution is reflected in the brand name and logo: Nufarm and CROP.ZONE have become NUCROP. The logo combines the leaf of a plant with a drop and the symbol for electricity. And the claim also makes the hybrid aspect clear: ‘NUCROP technology for hybrid electric crop protection’.


[Translate to English:] NUCROP Grafik-Beispiele
[Translate to English:] NUCROP Nature Design

Inspired by nature

When designing the corporate identity, we focused on natural colours. The primary brand colour is a rich plant green that positions the NUCROP brand in the context of crop protection and emphasises its sustainable approach. The complementary colours of light green, grey, yellow, orange and a warm white create exciting contrasts and a premium look for the brand.


[Translate to English:] Saint Elmo's: NUCROP Werbemittel

First advertising material being implemented

As one of the first implemented advertising materials, a PPT template was designed and implemented that can be used by both companies - NUFARM & CROP.ZONE - to accompany the market entry of NUCROP. The implementation of a landing page is in planning.

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