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Six countries, one message: Can it taste good?

Our campaign for Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE shows how a central guiding principle brings different countries under one umbrella.

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What's important is what's inside.

The task was to develop a campaign that meets the tastes of the target groups across borders – in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Spain and Belgium. How does this work? We took a close look at the brand, product and target group and gained a central insight: Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE scores with inner values, what our claim "What's important is what's inside." communicates humorously. This strong guiding principle forms the foundation of the campaign across all national borders.

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Flexible thanks to the modular principle

The six Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE countries have different needs and draw from different budgets. That's why we've developed a flexible campaign that works both with and without a TV flight.

The result: Each individual country can choose which communication content it wants to play. There are currently three TV spots, four tag-ons/bumper ads, various print/OOH ads and constantly new social media content.


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Social Media: Same, but different

Depending on the country, the digital content is tailored to the needs of the target group. In this way, we design communication individually and still pay for the cross-country brand promise "what's important is what's inside."

SAINT ELMO's Berlin has taken over the conception and implementation of the social media channels and exchanges daily with the target group in community management.

[Translate to English:] Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Kampagne

Conclusion: What's important is what comes out of it

The campaign concept "What's important is what's inside" has become established in all countries; the clear commitment to product quality was learned.

The first figures show that our campaign is well received. Our spots on YouTube alone achieved 870,000 views, and our Instagram community in DE/AU/CH has grown by 44 percent since the campaign started in late 2018. It's not only important what's insude, but also what comes out of it.




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