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When does a curve become a home stretch?

The web special for the Bugatti Divo stages ultimate performance and historical reminiscence.

Digital creation for an icon

Working for Bugatti is both an honor and an incentive. Anyone with just a drop of petrol in their blood knows about the legendary importance of this unique brand. It's therefore a real privilege for us to be able to accompany this myth creatively and to be virtually there when automotive history is being written. 

Another milestone was born with the Bugatti Divo. And Saint Elmo's, as lead agency, was entrusted with the digital staging of this strictly limited super sports car.

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The idea

The godfather Albert Divo achieved great success for Bugatti in the golden 20s on the so-called "Targa Florio" – a breathtaking race on the mountain roads of Sicily. A section of the original route becomes the basis of the interface idea. The users should be able to feel the curvy tradition interactively. 

Bugatti Divo Video Saint Elmo's Marketing
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Radial animations

Interactive hotspots along the route provide access to large-format content. All lovingly staged through programmatic SVG animations. These are not only extremely easy on the charging time, but also have an effect on all digital devices. 

Bugatti Divo Media Marketing Saint Elmo's
Bugatti Divo Detail Saint Elmos
Bugatti Divo Marketing Saint Elmo's
Bugatti Divo Design Marketing Saint Elmo's
Bugatti Divo Agentur Saint Elmo's
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Social media

Communication on the social web caused tension for the live broadcast of the launch event. Over 18 million fans were excited about every single post – be it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. There are very few brands worldwide that can create such organic reach and interaction rates. A real pleasure for our social media managers.

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At Bugatti: "Form follows performance". We also wanted to live up to this claim in terms of web technology. Specifically means: flawless code, short loading times and optimal presentation in all responsive states. The content delivery network distributes the content to worldwide server locations so that the web special can be delivered at lightning speed even in the most remote corners of our planet. We are proud to say that there are only a few websites in the automotive sector that have better performance. In fact, we haven't discovered a single one yet. 


More milestones

As the agency in charge of the Bugatti website landscape, we have been able to reach many other automotive milestones into the digital ether over time. For example, the recently released Bugatti Centodieci or the incredible one-off "La Voiture Noire". We won't forget the record-breaking run, which broke the magical limit of 300 miles an hour for the first time (482.80 km/h).

Bugatti Centodieci Saint Elmo's Agency
Bugatti La Voiture Noire Saint Elmo's Agency
Bugatti La Voiture Noire Saint Elmo's Marketing
Bugatti Chiron 300+ Saint Elmo's Marketing
Bugatti Chiron 300+ Saint Elmo's Marketing
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