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Kitchen Party with Iggy Pop: Saint Elmo's and SCHOCK launch Surreal New Campaign

15. March 2023

Welcome to SCHOCK’s Home of Colourful! – In the new brand campaign by Saint Elmo's Munich, Iggy Pop celebrates the colorful diversity of SCHOCK sinks with animals from the Bavarian Forest. The campaign can now be seen online, on social media and out of home across Europe.

Munich, 15 March 2023. Iggy Pop returns to the Bavarian Forest and is throwing a party in SCHOCK's ‘Home of Colourful’: In the production by Saint Elmo's Munich, the punk legend celebrates in a kitchen surrounded by the wild partying of Bavarian forest dwellers. According to the motto: With the sinks and fittings from SCHOCK, a kitchen can be just as individual as the lives of the people who use it.

"The kitchen is not only the heart of the home, the place where people cook, talk, meet and where they simply enjoy being together, but also, as everyone knows, the centre of every party," says Arwed Berendts, Managing Partner Saint Elmo's Munich and creative head of the campaign about the underlying idea. "This is where the craziest things happen and where the best stories are born. With SCHOCK, this space also gets the colourful and lively design it deserves as the hub and pivot of daily life. This is what our new campaign for SCHOCK expresses in an electrifying way, imaginatively and with humour."

Susanne Zeitlhöfler, Head of Marketing & Product Management SCHOCK explains: "The SCHOCK brand stands for modern design, traditional quality and a clear commitment to sustainability. The new campaign reflects all these aspects and conveys the joie de vivre that customers can celebrate with our colourful designer sink ranges. Iggy Pop, who is also currently thrilling music-lovers with a new album, lends the campaign a party atmosphere. With his coolness and self-irony, the born entertainer is perfectly cast for the role as host of our kitchen party.”

It is the second campaign with Iggy Pop, which Saint Elmo's Munich is realizing for SCHOCK, the supplier of high-quality kitchen sinks, fittings and accessories. The focus of the 2021 campaign focused on the sustainability strategy ‘SINK GREEN’. The 2023 campaign continues the story of Iggy and his Green Team of species-protected animals from the Bavarian Forest. In two 15-second commercials, the punk idol highlights product features such as durability and ease of care, while the main film focuses on SCHOCK's product diversity. The wildlife protagonists as a symbol for the Bavarian Forest continue to stand alongside Iggy Pop in the new campaign.

The Europe-wide campaign began on March 13th online and in social media, and also out of home in Germany. Iggy and his colourful crew of animals from the Bavarian Forest will also soon be moving in with retailers. As digital lead agency, Saint Elmo's Munich is responsible for the concept and implementation of the SCHOCK campaign, which was directed by Arwed Berendts, Managing Partner, Saint Elmo's Munich – in creative collaboration with photographer and illustrator Klaus Pichler. Namoto is responsible for the film production.

Watch here:

Welcome: youtu.be/tuhx5glM1uY
Smooth: youtu.be/OUEfzLqrUB4
Sturdy: youtu.be/8vYLvWY8P1k
Main film: youtu.be/TmscPSe7APg
Cutdown: youtu.be/-hXVy0hU36k

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