2017 - Founding of SAINT ELMO'S Tourismusmarketing, a specialist agency for tourism marketing through participation in the tourism marketing agency Prodinger GFB, one of the market leaders for tourism advertising in the German-speaking Alpine region.

2017 - Start with the creative agency Aimaq von Lobenstein. Integration into the SAINT ELMO' S Group and thus addition of brand management and storymaking to SAINT ELMO' S Berlin. The agency Aimaq von Lobenstein has its core competency in the field of brand management and storymaking.

2014 - Realignment of the agency - In accordance with the "Cross the line." slogan - The specialized agencies are merged at the individual sites each to create full service agency providers. SAINT ELMO'S Munich, SAINT ELMO'S Berlin and SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg are started.

2012 - Founding of SAINT ELMO'S Los Angeles - Beginning of SAINT ELMO'S Entertainment in the USA.

2010 - Founding in Hamburg - Due to increased customer requests, the agency establishes an office in Hamburg, which is led by Lasse Matthiesen and Olaf Klumski.

2009 - Partnership with the SERVICEPLAN group - The agency announces its partnership with the owner-managed agency SERVICEPLAN, which now holds a majority stake in the SAINT ELMO'S group.

2008 - Founding in Berlin - With Tim Stickelbrucks, a special service provider for IPTV and branded entertainment in Berlin comes into being and is dubbed Saint Elmo's Entertainment. In the same year, Ben Künkler and Dennis Pfisterer contribute to the office with the founding of SAINT ELMO'S Interaction Berlin.

2007 - Repositioning as a multi-channel agency - Arnd Feuerbaum and Thomas Knauer expand the management team and set up next to the SAINT ELMO'S Interaction along with SAINT ELMO'S Campaign for dialogic interaction for online/offline communication. The service portfolio as a multi-channel agency is supplemented with the establishment of a media agency (mediateam 360°) by Michael Thum and SAINT ELMO'S. At the same time, a holding company structure was introduced in which all managers and partners are involved.

2003 - SAINT ELMO'S is "Newcomer Agency of the Year" - receives the prestigious "Newcomer Agency of the Year" award from the magazine ‘Horizon’.

2001 - Agency founded - Arwed Berendt and Feodor von Wedel establish SAINT ELMO'S as a classic creative agency in Munich.

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