Website Relaunch

The insurance provider Generali Versicherungen counts among the largest direct insurers in Germany. Through its multichannel strategy, the company provides need-based offerings for both private and corporate customers.

Based on a CI relaunch through the Italian parent company, the CI was to be rolled out on all channels for the individual countries, which necessitated a complete relaunch of the Generali Deutschland website. In this context, new sales-oriented modules and functions such as a comprehensive consultant search, service forms and the online presence of Generali marketing consultants were reworked and redesigned. This allows the Generali sales partners to introduce themselves on their own, fully integrated agency homepage and to complement overarching, central content with their own news and images.

A so-called consultant cookie also makes it possible for users to access the contact info of their chosen consultant in the visible area at any time.

The implementation of the website was done using responsive design for mobile and desktops. Concept and design were done in house and the technical implementation was completed by Generali.

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