The holographic presentation of the BMW X2

An innovative brand and product experience in mixed reality (MR): The BMW X2 Holo Experience by SAINT ELMO'S Berlin makes the launch campaign of the BMW X2 into a virtual experience in the real retail space. Users can get to know the new vehicle even before it hits the market. They dive into the virtual campaign world with the HoloLens and learn more about the BMW X2 by selecting elements in the room or by walking around the holographic model of the car. The holographic selfie that users can take in the Experience and share in social media further adds to their emotional attachment and integration.

The Experience leverages the power of the Windows Mixed Reality Platform. In the BMW sales room, users enter a holistically prepared brand world in which they can easily interact with the holographic content and personalize the experience with the help of navigation and interaction elements. Complex interactions are dispensed with in favor of a maximally straight-line experience.

After selecting a chapter, users are led around the exhibits in the room, triggering individual sequences in which they are shown different features depending on the side of the holographic car model they're looking at – in this way, each user can decide for themselves which next feature he or she would like to get to know next.

Making things more laid back provides a playful relaxation that takes up the contents of the BMW X2 TV advertising clip both visually and in the content. The highlight of the experience is the real-time display of the user hologram, based on a photo taken with the user before entering the experience area. Users see themselves standing next to the virtual car in miniature and can get an image of it to share their experience in the social media.

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