The name says it all. In the series "The worst films of all time" (abbreviated in German as "SchleFaZ"), the TV channel Tele5 regularly presents - you guessed it: the worst films of all time. In January 2014, this series showed the American trash-thriller "Sharknado" as a German free TV premiere. The film received a lot of attention during its US theater run.

Our task was to run with the US-hype and drum it up prior to the broadcast of the film. In the Tele 5 social media channels, the target groups are addressed and led to the station's film information - befitting the trashy film genre, the cheeky positioning, the station and the modest budget.


In the film, people are hunted by sharks. Our idea: We can hunt users with sharks, too - but on Twitter.

We created ten shark profiles as well as a repertoire of funny tweets and a "Do not press the button" mechanism as bait: Twitter users were warned against using the existing #schlefaz hashtag for the broadcast. Anyone who did suddenly found himself with ten new followers: our sharks. Over a period of ten days, the ten trashy sharks with names like "Henry Hai-ne" posted over 1,000 strange tweets.

The entire campaign was implemented with the simplest means and with a clever networking tools: the user hunt, or in this case following, was done using auto-following and automated @-replies. The sharks' postings were planned in advance and user tweets were answered individually over the course of the campaign.

The result provided maximum effect with minimal effort:

  • 20 users tweets per minute accompanied the broadcast on 01/10/2014.
  • The #Schlefaz hashtag reached the Top 5 on the German Twitter charts.
  • There were more than 165,000 direct Twitter contacts and generated about 600,000 timeline deliveries.
  • In addition, the campaign boasted 3,000 new Facebook fans.
  • The "talking about this" indications on Facebook also increased by 25 percent.

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