Daily newspapers investing in their value

Printed or digital: Why bother reading the local paper? Starting in September, a broad-based generic campaign will answer this question, created by the newspaper publisher associations from Lower Saxony and Bremen (VNZV and ZVVB) in cooperation with the SAINT ELMO'S Group. Made visible through high advertising pressure in movie theaters, posters and newspaper ads and advertising papers, the focus of the campaign rests on the quality of every local newspaper using the motto: WORTH EVERY WORD.

Munich, September 3rd, 2015 - Daily newspapers are credible, offer independent reporting, inform readers, connect the region and write about what’s really important - that’s the message of the campaign by VNZV and ZVVB. This sector is trying to raise awareness of the importance of the daily newspaper for society as a medium in printed and online media by offering clear benefit promises and combined (advertising) appeals. The campaign has been planned for the longterm and has been furnished with a budget of around 15 million just for 2015.

A comprehensive communications package with various newspaper offerings (print and digital) is targeted at all age groups from young to old. Five ad themes form the base and simultaneously appear in participating dailies. Five quality values from the point of view of the reader are formulated. An emotional movie theater spot also emphasizes the function of the newspaper, which filters relevant topics from a flood of information and as such serves as a valuable guide.

The advertising presence is supported by posters with the corresponding themes, online banners and five radio spots, which also utilize the WORTH EVERY WORD motto. All measures lead to the central landing page There users can see the video, other parts of the campaign and more. If interested (in subscriptions), users can also navigate to the websites of the participating papers in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

A neutral market research institute will accompany and document the effect of the campaign.

“Even though many people consume products from the daily newspapers nowadays, emphasizing their relevance for the whole of society is seldom the focus”, according to Ewald Dobler, chairman of the VNZV (Lower Saxony) with regards to the generic campaign’s launch. “Local newspapers make a special contribution to people’s lives through their proximity and are for that reason an important pillar for advertising media. In order to make people more aware of these values, our agency group is pleased to support this generic campaign and would be thrilled if more regional associations would join us”, says Florian Haller, general manager of the Serviceplan Group with regards to this driven campaign project. The project is also conceived of in such a way that it can be implemented outside of Lower Saxony and Bremen. “WORTH EVERY WORD has the finger on the pulse. In every part of Germany.”

Client: VNZV Hannover, ZVVB Bremen
Stefan Borrmann, Managing Director
Agency: Serivceplan and SAINT ELMO'S Group
Detlef Arnold, Managing Director and Partner
Video Production: D.I.E. Werbefilm GmbH
Reinhard Crasemann, Director; Frank Schwaiger, Camera
Photos: Karsten Koch

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