STAGE ENTERTAINMENT – Dance of the vampires

With more than 8 million viewers, Dance of the Vampire (German: Tanz der Vampire) is one of the most famous musicals in Germany. The vampires were already in Hamburg from 2003 to 2006. In 2017, they celebrated their comeback in the Hanseatic city for a few months. A great opportunity and at the same time a big challenge for the organizers called Stage.

Even before the cast and show details were set, they needed a way to engage audiences creatively and boost ticket pre-sales. The target groups consisted of regulars and new customers. Both should be activated simultaneously.

Due to the topic and the affine target group, the creative implementation was done completely in a spooky vampire world. Throughout the user journey, a dialogue strategy was set up until the big premiere in Hamburg. The main medium was formed by newsletters that provided event-related information about the cast and rehearsals or encouraged pre-sales.

With loving details such as a character test or a countdown tool, the customers' anticipation was fueled. All content and ideas from the newsletters have been extended to Facebook and offline with Maxicards. With a simple trick, the mailing could be transformed into their own wooden stake to impale vampires. The campaign was consequently and consistently presented on all relevant channels in a media-friendly and eye-catching manner.

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