Saint Elmo’s is repositioning ALNO – made for life

The kitchen maker ALNO is back and is presenting itself in a new light. In future Saint Elmo’s will put people at the heart of the new communication. The new claim „made for life“ adds to the new emotional and approachable Interpretation of the kitchen subject-matter.

Life is lived in the kitchen. The place where everyone comes together. The kitchen is more than just a place to cook, more than just four walls and a certain amount of square meters. It is a space for everyone to live in. A work space, a place to chat and enjoy life, to relax and to celebrate. The kitchen is the center, the heart of the home.

This is why Saint Elmo’s is depicting real life situations. Brought to life in eight new leading motives, showcasing real people in authentic environments, telling emotional stories.

ALNO is implementing a broad communication – from Point of Sale and Out of home activities to a new catalogue. The emotional high point is reached with short film sequences of the stories, that are implemented on fairs, in Showrooms and online.

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