Munich Creative Business Week

The Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) is one of Germany's biggest design events for designers and clients. Over 50,000 visitors each year find their way to Munich to visit nearly 200 individual events, exhibitions and conferences. The MCBW website was given a complete relaunch and has since been regularly updated and optimized. The users can do more than browse through the program calendar and use personalized filters to find matching events. Location-based programming via map is also possible, allowing participants at the events to be guided through the city to the nearest program highlights. Once they've found the most exciting events, they can of course purchase tickets directly online. In this way, the website can act as the central digital hub for the visitors at the MCBW.

The website was created with a separate mobile version based on TYPO3. A back-end was made specially for partners that could be used to create, manage and publish their own events using the guided maintenance dialogs and tools (e.g. online image editing). The integrated asset management ensured that the uploaded materials could be seamlessly used for print publications. A connection to external ticketing systems was also possible. Conception, design, content creation and programming were all completed in-house.

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