Six characters were brought to life that embody and visualize the new BAYERN 3 "My favorite mix on the radio" slogan with emotion: The Mixies. As of Autumn 2014, they form the communication focus.

The Mixies are likable little characters who live together in a kind of shared music flat at the TV station. They repeatedly appear in the on-air program. They grab the microphones, jump in and making their somewhat bold comments. They appear with the "Lieblingsmix" (favorite mix) message to emotionalize the radio station, generate new listeners and help them connect them to the station. They're the new mascots for BAYERN 3.

As of 09.13.2014, the campaign is running all over Bavaria on 18/1 posters and on advertising columns. The three spots are also on display in Bavarian television and used as pre-roll ads. There are also banners and other forms of online advertising and ads following in regional and national magazines, such as Bunte and Fo.


Funky is a very lively and modern sort of guy. A very good dancer and a true style icon. Smart and charming, attentive, quick-witted and, well, funky. At the same time, he’s also responsible and a kind of spokesman for the Mixies. Freaky is a very lively, loud person with a healthy dose of confidence. Always a bit of a troublemaker but never really with bad intentions. Sexy can be a bit rough around the edges but actually someone that most would like to have as a friend. Not least of all because she can paint the town red while chatting you up about the latest trends. Nanny is the mom of the flat. She worries constantly about group harmony and everyone’s individual problems. She sees everything in a totally positive way and is always laid back. She has made it her mission to keep the peace in the group and always has good advice and wisdom to share. Molly is the fashion victim. Extremely fashion conscious, somewhat weird and always hungry. She eats continuously and munches anything she can get her hands on. Even her microphone. Angry is a likable slob with a devilish grin on his face. He doesn't say much but that's not to say he never talks. He’s always got his guitar with him where ever he goes. A classic rocker, as it were. Easy is easy. Always. A real laid back, cool guy. He approaches every situation with positive resolve and a satisfied serenity. If he’s nodding his head approvingly, he's ready with just the right rhyme.

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