expert has started a new campaign with Mehmet Scholl featuring a new claim.

Starting in April, the new expert brand campaign is on the airwaves. For the first time, Mehmet Scholl is representing the nation's leading consumer electronics group of associated companies as a brand messenger. Accompanied by an expert advisor, he always has the best recommendations in the TV advertisements. Expression of the underlying strategy: emphasize the recognized performance benefits in the areas of service and competence in consulting in comparison with the competition. The promise to expert customers of always being able to make the right offer with individual and competent consultation can be found in the new claim: expert. Mit den besten Empfehlungen. (English: expert. With the best recommendations) The campaign comprises a wide variety of TV commercials for many different product groups, which reflect the comprehensive product range from expert as well as a comprehensive package of measures for other online and offline activities. 

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