A Brand With Room to Experiment

The aim was to help the Bavarian Theater Academy, founded up in 1993 by August Everding, step out of the shadow of the Prinzregententheater, as it had been reluctant to communicate up until that point. In the future, the Academy, with its nine courses and three venues, will only appear under the name "Theater Academy August Everding".

The idea for the new design coincides with the aspiration of the Academy's founder August Everding: "Imagination must be limitless. Because no imagination can be tamed". We translated the limitlessness of the aspiration of August Everding with "room to experiment". Room to experiment is what the academy gives its students. However, the venues such as the prestigious Prinzregententheater are also rooms for experimentation and are run by the academy. That's why we wanted to allow for maximum flexibility in the design. It shouln't be a classic, rigid corporate design, but rather provide maximum freedom of design yet also ensure a high recognition for the academy and its venues.

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