That’s Why!

The goal of this awareness campaign, the title translates to “Because. That’s why!” is to make it clear that TNT Glitz is a station that stands for independent and confident women. They stand by what they do and aren't afraid to talk about it.

This attitude is conveyed by the TNT Glitz claim: We're pink.

We found out what it means to be “pink" in the new TNT Glitz campaign.

The core of the campaign is the insight that women do things for which there isn't always a reason. They often act emotionally and passionately and what they do cannot always be rationally explained.

Which begs the question: "Why did you do that?" the answer is therefore often: "Because. That's why!" This is self-confident, extroverted and pink.

A commercial in which a young woman reacts a little irrationally in a tiresome discussion with her boy-friend forms the centerpiece of the campaign.

A pink tank smashes the man's beloved vintage car after the fight and a pink-clad Amazon shoots pink feathers on him.

The answer to a man's questioning looks standing at the rear of the departing vehicle: "Because. That's why!"

At the end of the film, the viewer is encouraged to get their own pink tank. At, the “We're pink" community is asked to post their BECAUSE. THAT'S WHY! moments and to apply for one of three assignments: a shopping spree, marriage proposal, and a club cab – all with the pink tank. By posting and sharing on social networks, the community of Pink Ladies becomes active and the message “We're pink. BECAUSE. THAT'S WHY!" is disseminated. Anyone who receives lots of likes for their BECAUSE. THAT'S WHY! moment, gets the chance to win one of the assignments.

The assignments are given to the winners in late November and accompanied by TNT Glitz. The resulting images are further evidence of the lifestyle of the young women who don't need to justify everything they do.

The central message: TNT Glitz is the channel for women who don't need a reason for everything they do.

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