SAINT ELMO'S is producing films for #BMWstories for the launch of the international communication platform. The stories are sometimes specially produced or composed with existing materials and subti-tled in five languages. Since its May 9th, 2014 launch date, has encouraged users to share their own individual stories and the driving pleasure that they associate with BMW. The goal is to strengthen the BMW fans’ bond with the brand. Users can upload videos, TV commercials and photo stories that represent the unique qualities of BMW drivers.

One of the highlights of #BMWstories is "The Story of Alessandro Zanardi". This video tells the personal story of the Italian racing driver, a story about the passion for racing, the joy of life and the tireless determination to win. Even after his tragic accident, he still feels the same joy of driving. With a personal interview in his home, interspersed with images of him preparing for the Blancpain GT Sprint race at Nogaro, the video portrays Zanardi's comeback as a racer with emotional images.

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