SAINT ELMO'S and Payconiq make Munich pink

Always having cash in your pocket – that's what Payconiq, the new mobile payment provider in Germany, is all about. Payconiq is positioning itself as "the new cash" that you can use to safely and quickly pay by smartphone app.

The success story in Belgium, which generated more than 40,000 dealers offering Payconiq in a single year, is now being continued in the German market. The app is also active in Luxembourg and soon in the Netherlands.

Phase 1 of the German Launch will take place in Munich. In the first step, the focus is on the two districts of Maxvorstadt and Schwabing West. Not without reason, as the two neighborhoods located close to the university are characterized by a young and lively atmosphere, lots of walk-in customers and a multitude of small shops.

"With our Payconiq app, we want to offer people in Munich a new way of paying. It works fast and easy and we hope that the customers and the dealers will enjoy it." - Max von Riel, Head of Business Development Payconiq Germany

How to pay easily with Payconiq and how to use Payconiq to send money to friends and acquaintances even without an IBAN can be experienced in a pop-up store specially designed for the launch phase at Türkenstrasse 67.

SAINT ELMO'S Munich is guiding communications for the launch with an integrated campaign. Essential media are posters, city lights, advertising pillars and promotions. All meant to make the new cash the talk of the town.

"The campaign is very striking and the headlines casually outline its benefits. The whole project is very dynamic and we're constantly developing new actions and activities in cooperation with the client. The cooperation is very close and a great deal of fun, which is fitting for the communication."
- Arwed Berendts, Managing Director Creation

Central campaign elements are headline messages, which put the benefits of Payconiq into clear and simple terms. They are supplemented by the campaign claim: "Payconiq. The new cash".

The app is now available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play.

About Payconiq
Payconiq is a European payment service provider with offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Hasselt, Luxembourg, and Munich. The mobile application allows payments in stores, in web shops, and transfers to mobile contacts. More than 45,000 stores in Belgium and Luxembourg already use the system. Payconiq is currently in the process of establishing itself in the Netherlands and Germany. In Luxembourg, Payconiq is known as Digicash. Digicash partnered with Payconiq in August of 2017.


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