SAINT ELMO'S Travel designs new creative concept for the Snow Card Tirol

The new tourism vertical by the Serviceplan Gruppe, SAINT ELMO'S Travel, is taking over responsibility for the marketing budget of the Snow Card Tirol again this year. For the winter of 2017/2018, the tourism specialists are collaborating with SAINT ELMO'S Munich to offer a new creative concept for the world's largest ski network.

The new concept of the Snow Card Tirol is one of the first creative projects by SAINT ELMO'S Travel, which was founded in the summer. It arose from the participation of SAINT ELMO'S Munich in Prodinger | GFB and Team Tourismusmarketing GmbH. For the new design of the Snow Card Tirol, leading tourism expertise is being joined with innovative creative ideas.

Due to the large range of services offered that the Snow Card Tirol offers its members, its added value can't be explained in just a few words. The commonality of all winter activities is and remains the snow itself. As part of the creative process, it was decided that the communication should be reduced to an emotional topic: "crazy about snow". The eponymous claim forces the connection between the Snow Card Tirol owners and winter sports and continues throughout the entire campaign – offline as well as online.

"Thanks to the expertise of SAINT ELMO'S Travel for innovative and target-group advertising, it's possible to achieve lasting success and realize constant increases in the sales of the Snow Card Tirol", Thilo Bohatsch, Partner and Interface Card Network

Furthermore, the brand should be strengthened and the sales further increased through cross-media marketing and positioning as an "entry ticket for unlimited skiing and snowboarding opportunities in Tyrol". In keeping with the 360° philosophy, SAINT ELMO'S Travel plans not only to implement the homepage but also the activities in print, radio and online media. Out of home communications and business collaborations with Blue Tomato, Keller Sports and SAAC (Snow & Alpine Awareness Camps) complete the cross-media approach.

Tourism specialists will additionally take over responsibility of all social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) for two years.


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