SAINT ELMO'S joins Aimaq von Lobenstein

SAINT ELMO'S joins the Berlin-based creative agency Aimaq von Lobenstein (AvL). The agency AvL, founded in 1998, will remain a separate agency brand and is now called Aimaq von Lobenstein/SAINT ELMO'S. After AvL having overhauled itself quite recently, the two owners, André Aimaq and Hubertus von Lobenstein, are starting a new chapter in the agency's history to better adapt to the needs of the market.

AvL co-founder André Aimaq: "Our storymaking approach requires more and more digital skills. With SAINT ELMO'S, we've gained one of the leading agencies focussed on digital and mobile as a partner – and at the same time international connections through the Serviceplan Group."

Florian Freiherr von Hornstein, Managing Director and Partner of the Serviceplan Group, was also introduced: "For us, it was always clear that SAINT ELMO'S is not the secondary brand for Serviceplan but rather the second brand. We look forward to making this demand more visible in the market with AvL."

Hubertus von Lobenstein, AvL: "With SAINT ELMO'S and Serviceplan, we have both the ideal local and international partners. Unlike other networks, the goal-oriented and yet informal atmosphere us convinced us from our first meeting."

Thomas Knauer, Partner and Managing Director of SAINT ELMO'S: "With Aimaq von Lobenstein, we're adding something new to SAINT ELMO'S Berlin that so far hasn't existed and perfectly complements our existing portfolio. The entire SAINT ELMO'S Group will also benefit from the brand management experience of our new colleagues.

The agency Aimaq von Lobenstein has its core competency in the field of brand management and storymaking. The agency SAINT ELMO'S – with branches in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Los Angeles – works in digital and classical music with international teams.

AvL and SAINT ELMO'S have gotten to know and appreciate each other over the last few months. In this way, SAINT ELMO'S has built a new, interactive website for AvL's client Berentzen and participated in a few pitches. This year, the three agency brands Aimaq von Lobenstein/SAINT ELMO'S, SAINT ELMO'S Berlin and Serviceplan Berlin will be united under one roof: in the new House of Communication. The prominent location in the Ziegelstraße in the Mitte district was recently redesigned by renowned architekt David Chipperfield.


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