SAINT ELMO'S has been to the ELPHI and back

The multichannel agency SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg is implementing a communication concept in cooperation with the mass transportation system operator Hamburger Hochbahn AG for connecting the Elbphilharmonie to the public transport system in Hamburg.

Our U3 metro line, the 111 bus line and our 72 port ferry line are already playing a central role in helping visitors get to the Elbphilharmonie. We're looking to support this with communicative activities and show visitors that we can get them there much more conveniently than by car. The motifs for our ELPHI fleet testify to creativity and combine our mobility with the cultural offering in Hamburg's new landmark, according to Henrik Falk, Chairman of the Board at HOCHBAHN.

In the context of the press conference on changing the name of the Baumall metro station to "Baumwall (Elbphilharmonie)", an individual signet for all the relevant means of transport run by the HOCHBAHN had already been presented: The "ELPHI fleet" is now recognizable as an ideal option for reaching the Elbphilharmonie with its various bus, train and ferry options. In addition, one of the developed key visuals was shown in advance. The launch of the communication campaign, including additional activities, was implemented at the same time as the official opening of the Elbphilharmonie in January.

The creative implementation is designed to show the various possibilities for reaching the Elbphilharmonie in a simple and charming way, as well as encourage guests and concertgoers to leave their cars at home or in one of the surrounding car parks, says Lasse Matthiesen, Managing Director of SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg.


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