Radio Hamburg and Hamburg Zwei go online with dynamic banner tool

"Thunderstorm warning in the north and traffic jam on the Elbe bridges" - Radio Hamburg and HAMBURG ZWEI are launching "editorial digital real-time communication”.

Since April 2015, Radio Hamburg and HAMBURG ZWEI have launched a unique and innovative tool are for media companies. The "dynamic banner tool" project has been implemented by SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg, mediateam 360° and NFQ as a technical service provider.

Radio Hamburg and HAMBURG ZWEI's goals are the expansion of digital coverage and playback on new digital channels and the development of a new audience.

The dynamically controlled advertising banners allow broadcasters to present live communication or reporting on other sites with a delay of a few minutes.

The banners are divided into differently themed categories. An editorial modular system makes it possible for the editors at Radio Hamburg and HAMBURG ZWEI to air station topics, such as events, listeners clubs and Radio Hamburg, FussiFreunde and also regional issues, such as weather and traffic. The topics are edited with regional and specific target groups in mind.

Gunnar Lahmann, Marketing Director of the MORE Marketing Organization and Radioentwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG.: "The 'dynamic banner tool' is a powerful innovation in the radio and online sector. It has great potential to address a large target group directly with specific issues in the Hamburg area."

"With the development of the 'dynamic banner tool', we have created a medium that represents an innovation for the entire radio and publishing industry”, according to Lasse Matthiesen, one of the directors of SAINT ELMO'S.


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