“Psycholove”: Dating App for Hard-to-Couple Show Stars

Tinder is out – “Psycholove” is the latest awesome thing. On this dating platform, psychos, killers, nymphomaniacs and other disturbed people await brave users. The characters from the successful American series “Dexter” and “Californication” create the basis for the hard-to-couple love-seekers. The app was developed by SAINT ELMO’S Berlin for the TV station TELE 5 where both series began broadcasting on 09/18/2015.

According to Dennis Pfisterer, creative director at SAINT ELMO'S Berlin, the main characters are “hard-to-couple” for two reasons: “On the one hand, it was a challenge to make the series even more attractive to audiences, since they’d already attained cult status during their initial broadcasts. On the other hand, target audiences who haven’t seen the series yet should be able to learn about the special characters.” After all, in the two series, it’s really all about one of two things: killing (Dexter) or screwing (Californication).

Users can swipe left or right on “Psycholove”, which is based on the successful “Tinder” dating app, to rate their users with “kill” or “fuck”. When a “Match” is found, the user receives a chat message-like notification informing him of broadcast times. He can also share his psycho partner on social media with a fun line.

Unusual measures call for brave customers

The “awesome killer app” can be tested on a designated microsite at The campaign is accompanied by advertising on Twitter and the model platform Tinder with additional advertising through online banners.

It can’t be taken for granted that companies with brave, audacious campaigns will stand out – which was specifically requested by TELE 5, as project management and marketing manager Anna Batorowski explains: “In fitting with our “anders ist besser” (different is better) motto, we at TELE 5 do our own thing when it comes to campaigns. SAINT ELMO’S has proven that they understand that motto through cooperations on projects such as “Sharknado”, “Fat Chicken Club” or the late night talkshow “Der Klügere kippt nach”. Psycholove also allows us to be perceived just how we want: multi-facetted, honest, different. We’ve found a match so to speak with this agency – and without even using an app.”


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