Making more of garbage

Hamburg, July 4th, 2017. The poster motif is easy to decrypt. Even without a direct reference to the G20 summit, it quickly becomes clear that it's the portrait of US President Donald Trump, caricatured here with an old banana bowl and a discarded Styrofoam box. "Waste has many faces," says Rike Bröhan, chairwoman of Kulturgold eV and initiator of Recykids.

In light of the presence of Trump at the G20 summit in Hamburg and the announced withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate protection agreement, Bröhan wants to draw attention to the Recykids project with the poster. "Our goal is to introduce the next generation to the topic of ecology in a playful way. This is best done by freeing the creative powers of children – through art made from recycling. In addition to works of art created from garbage, a sense of awareness for a sensitive approach to the environment develops as well," childcare worker explains, who herself is the mother of a six-year-old daughter.

The aim of the campaign is to attract attention and supporters to recycled materials. A plan has been made to set up their own children's day-care center in which ecological awareness is just as important as solidarity, openness and honesty. "We're all responsible for giving our children values that facilitate living together – both in Hamburg and around the world," Bröhan asserts.

The provocative motif will be shown over the course of the G20 summit in the center of Hamburg. "We are deliberately appealing to people who are about to make far-reaching political decisions – and to their sense of responsibility for coming generations," Bröhan says.

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