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Mixed reality will change the future of advertising. This is the unanimous opinion regarding the use of the new technology in the marketing and advertising world. We have news for you: Mixed reality is now a reality. SAINT-ELMO'S has taken the first step into the future, opening the door to a new dimension in advertising with an innovative MR application for the BMW X2 advertising campaign.

Dive into the world of the BMW X2

The application continues the BMW X2 "Be the one who dares" campaign as a virtual and interactive experience. For example, the holograms the user sees with the HoloLens glasses pick up motifs from the BMW X2 advertising clips: For example, they can use the 3D model of the vehicle to race through reconstructed movie sets or change the color of the virtual car by immersing it in pools of liquid paint.

The campaign elements appear as holograms in a specially designed stand that's built in the BMW showrooms. The result is a completely new staging at the POS, which allows for a completely mixed experience. "We wanted to create a scenario in which real space completely merges with the virtual components of the campaign," says Kevin Proesel, Creative Business Leader of SAINT-ELMO'S Berlin.

Also new and unique is this way of letting users experience himself as part of the campaign: They appear in the running application itself as a hologram and then gets a holographic selfie in front of the BMW X2 sent by e-mail, which they can then share in social media.

Interaction, individualization, gamification

With the mixed-reality application for the BMW X2, SAINT-ELMO'S is bringing together the great current trends in customer approach and gets right to the heart of them: Interaction, individualization and gamification. Thus, the created holo experience has the full potential to pick up the young target group of the BMW X2. Uwe Dreher, Head of Brand Communication BMW, is convinced: "The holo experience ensures the desired technical wow effect, with which we can also delight this target group with innovative technology in a playful and entertaining way."

The BMW X2 Mixed Reality application was developed on the basis of Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality. The cooperation between BMW and Microsoft was initiated by SAINT-ELMO'S Berlin. The agency team is also responsible for the creative concept and technical implementation.

The holo experience is used at selected BMW dealers in Germany and abroad, in exclusive closed rooms as well as formats such as the Brand Experience Center.

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