SAINT ELMO'S continues to grow: prominent reinforcement and new service structures

Munich, September 8th, 2014 - New structures and a new line-up. The Munich-based agency group SAINT ELMO'S with offices in Berlin, Hamburg and Los Angeles is restructuring to provide a complete agency service at every location. As such, the previous divisions according to discipline are now a part of the past. From the individual companies within the group, SAINT ELMO'S Munich, SAINT ELMO'S Berlin and SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg have come into being. mediateam 360°, where SAINT ELMO'S holds shares, will remain unaffected by these changes.

Thomas Knauer, speaker for the executive board: "2013 was a very good year for our agency group and we have grown by eleven percent. Now we want to use this chance to operate more effectively and successfully with a newly customized structure. By doing so, we can respond to the changing demands of the market. Customers want a service from one source, and with an agency that operates autonomously on the market at each site, it fits with our agency's CROSS THE LINE philosophy."

The most recent location, SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg, is getting prominent a new addition and a whole a new structure on November 1st, 2014. The two longtime CEOs of Heye Hamburg, Detlef Arnold and Reinhard Crasemann, are switching to SAINT ELMO'S and will become new partners in the group. The new management trio is Lasse Matthiesen (consulting), Detlef Arnold (consulting) and Reinhard Crasemann (creative). Thomas Knauer: "We are delighted to know that we have two very experienced advertising experts coming in as managing directors that are set to successfully expand and develop the Hamburg office. The previously dialogue-oriented direction of the Hamburg office will be perfectly complemented by these two new additions and their brand management expertise."

The two newcomers are looking forward to their new roles: "CROSS THE LINE as a relevant and contemporary market service and the prospect of a cooperative partnership had us excited from the initial discussions. The chemistry is just right!" according to Detlef Arnold and Reinhard Crasemann.

mediateam 360° is also getting a prominent, new face. Matthias Hahn, former managing director of Heye OMD, is the new partner and managing director of the media agency.

Thomas Knauer: "Matthias Hahn is sure to promote the growth of the agency with his board colleague Michael Thum. In his previous professional positions, he has always relied on close customer relation-ships and direct connections, but also independent entrepreneurship. "



Born from the agencies SAINT ELMO'S Campaign and SAINT ELMO'S Interaction. Alexander Beutel, consulting managing director at SAINT ELMO'S Campaign is leaving the company. The management of the new company consists of Arwed Berendts (creative), Arnd Feuerbaum (consulting) and Thomas Knauer (consulting).


SAINT ELMO'S Berlin is an association of SAINT ELMO'S Entertainment and SAINT ELMO'S Interaction. Tim Stickelbrucks is leaving the Berlin office to further advance the development of the group's sole foreign location in Los Angeles. Furthermore, managing director of consulting for SAINT ELMO'S Enter-tainment Sebastian Flock is leaving the agency at his own discretion. Management of the new company was taken over by Ben Künkler (consulting), Dennis Pfisterer (creative) and Kevin Prösel (creative).


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