SAINT ELMO'S is the new lead agency for HORSCH

Within the framework of a pitch, SAINT ELMO'S Munich beat out several competitors and has been guiding HORSCH Maschinen GmbH since September.

"In our industry, we're used to seeing HORSCH set benchmarks in terms of advertising and communication. With SAINT-ELMO'S, we can reach a new level of professionalism and strategy. And the people involved were simply a perfect fit – that was enormously important for us!"
Daniel Brandt, Head of Communications and Press Spokesman

The central task in the pitch was the development of a new international image campaign for the company, which will be on show for the first time at the Agritechnica trade fair in Hanover in November 2017. The task was to take the strong advertising of the last few years at Horsch in a new direction. The brand core of the 100% customer focus was worked out in a fascinating way.

The farmer in the role of a superhero was the central element: "FARMING HERO-powered by HORSCH".

The campaign shows what farmers can do with the support of HORSCH's innovative technology. Thanks to that, they become FARMING HEROES. Humans and technology become part of a symbiosis with the FARMING HERO suit. The suit reflects all of the HORSCH product ranges - from soil tillage to sowing technology and crop protection. People, vision and technology merge into a harmonious whole in the campaign.

The campaign starts with teaser motifs in all relevant print media, as well as a 30-second teaser film. There's also an elaborate online special with a Hero Creator. In 2018, a FARMING HEROES image spot will be on display and the campaign will be extended to HR. SAINT-ELMO’S HORSCH will also provide conceptual and advisory support in other channels.

The family business HORSCH ( was founded in 1984 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of modern and innovative agricultural technology. Headquartered in Schwandorf, Bavaria, the company has other branches in Germany and at international locations. HORSCH stands for high-tech farming innovation and manufactures products for soil cultivation, sowing and crop protection in modern agriculture. In 2016, it employed 1,300 people worldwide and generated sales of around 300 million euros.
(Since the company was founded, intelligent solutions for machines and customers have been the focus of development. As one of the few agricultural machinery manufacturers, the Horsch family maintains close contact with customers worldwide and manages its own operations - among them the research farm Agrovation with over 3,000 hectares in the Czech Knezmost east of Prague - digital farming and big data are a living realities here and not just figments of the future.)

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