SAINT ELMO'S is mediocre - and that's great!

Hurray: Ranked 30th in the Internet Agency Ranking and 21st in the W&V Agency Ranking! Doesn't really sound all that good? Read here why it is indeed a good thing and why we're actually ahead of the game.

Internet Agency Ranking 2015 lists the largest agencies in the online sales business and once again Saint Elmo's took 30th place. The ranking list is an initiative of the iBusiness market research service, the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) and the professional marketing journals, Horizont and W&V.

The latter two also form the "work group ranking list", which creates the W&V rankings for the largest owner-managed, independent advertising agencies in Germany each year. The basis of their assessment is the "gross income", the net professional fee income from professional fees and commissions. In the sales ranking in 2014, SAINT ELMO’S reached 21st place.

Cause for celebration.

But is ranking 21st and 30th really a reason to celebrate? Definitely. There's no shortage of agencies participating in these rankings: The W&V rankings look at the top 50, the Internet agency rankings even look at the best 230. As a small agency with about 100 employees in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin, we’re more than pleased with our placement.

Those who prefer celebrating the top spots can certainly still do so. As a member of the Agency Group, we have also contributed to the top placement of Serviceplan in W&V ranking. Serviceplan expanded its lead over Jung von Matt (81 million euros) and Media Consulta (52 million euros) with a gross income of 238 million euros this year.


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