SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg now responsible for the creative account for Wernesgrüner and developed an integrated launch campaign for Wernesgrüner 1436.

SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg is now responsible for the creative account at Wernesgrüner and has developed an integrated launch campaign to introduce the new Wernesgrüner 1436 beer.

SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg, newly reformed on November 1st 2014, is happy to announce the Wernesgrüner brewery as another new client and will be accompanying it during the launch of the new Wernesgrüner 1436 beer.

The Wernesgrüner brewery is presenting a new product, the Wernesgrüner 1436, which stands for both brewing tradition and modernity: "Wernesgrüner 1436 is a special beer for us and represents 579 years of brewing tradition. Our master brewers have created a beer as a tribute to the founding year and taken the current consumer wishes into account. Wernesgrüner 1436 is the best in beer enjoyment, inspired by true Bohemian brewing tradition”, according to Andreas Reimer, Managing Directer of the Wernesgrüner brewery.

To introduce the new Wernesgrüner 1436, SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg implemented an extensive and integrated communications campaign consisting of classical, digital and activating measures.

“We're very pleased to be working with Wernesgrüner and on the launch of Wernesgrüner 1436, for which we'll be using eye-catching print advertisements, posters, radio spots and digital activities”, according to SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg founders Detlef Arnold, Reinhard Crasemann and Lasse Matthiesen.


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