SAINT ELMO'S advanced marketing content for strategic music offerings for brand communication

SAINT ELMO'S is addressing the increasing need for individual and especially strategically planned con-tent marketing solutions with the expansion of its branch in Los Angeles, the international center of the entertainment industry. Strategies for successful use of music in future brand communication are being developed in addition to established web-based TV solutions. The agency is ensuring access to the top creative minds in the field of music and video production with the strengthening of the West Coast office. There will also be new advantages in the field of rights clearances for intellectual property with entertainment companies and ultimately strategic partnerships with innovative digital platforms from California, such as YouTube /Google and Beats Music. National customers, such as the coffee house chain Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, will soon be supported by international budgets.

The managing director of SAINT ELMO'S Entertainment Tim Stickelbrucks is moving to Los Angeles to act as president at the US company. Tim is a recognized expert in the field of content marketing with benchmark projects like BMW TV and many years of experience in the music industry and after having successfully established and managed the Berlin office after 6 1/2 years. He is supported by creative partner David Gorman, who as a Grammy-winning pop culture expert has developed his expertise in professional positions at Sony Entertainment, Warner Music and Apple iTunes. Together, they lead a team of creative minds consisting of composers, journalists and Web TV specialists.

Comprehensive content marketing concepts are being created in close coordination with the respective brand leading agencies. These include strategies for the use of video and music in brand communication and especially production services from the sound logo to the image film for the international market.

Tim Stickelbrucks explains: "Our consistent strategic approach sets us apart from the competition. In the development of music and video concepts for brands, particularly in digital communications, we are factoring in the measurability of campaign success, in addition to factors such as brand fit and usage patterns, as well as the sociocultural context. With our anchor in the center of the international entertainment industry, we have an eye on the rapidly changing media landscape for national and international clients. That in itself creates new opportunities for brands to increase their coverage by building their own content offerings."

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