SAINT ELMO'S riding with Hochbahn

The multi-channel specialists made the cut in a multi-stage pitch for HOCHBAHN and will be guiding the future website strategy of the renowned Hamburg transport company with our Hamburg and Berlin offices.

The specific tasks of the agency range from the reorganization of the online presence for various sta-tionary and mobile user scenarios to the integration of special topics.

A key objective of HOCHBAHN is to be perceived as an arranger of complementary mobility. As part of this strategic orientation, mobile terminals will gain importance both in the communication mix and in customer service.

HOCHBAHN is among the most successful transportation companies in Germany, boasting four metro lines and more than 100 bus routes. HOCHBAHN's buses and subways are used by around 1.2 million passengers daily. With its recently introduced "switchh" brand, HOCHBAHN is comprehensively serving the mobility needs of its customers. "We are particularly pleased to work with a Hamburg-based com-pany steeped in such longstanding tradition and to accompany them on new innovative paths. Customer demand for information, services and dialogue in real time is growing every day and we want to help HOCHBAHN meet those demands. By doing so, we can have a positive effect on their brand and reputation." says Lasse Matthiesen, Unit Leader for SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg.

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