Oetinger 34

Oetinger Verlag is one of the most prestigious children's books publishers in Germany, boasting well known titles such as Pippi Longstocking and The Hunger Games.

As a driver for creativity and innovation, the publisher is entering a new dimension of digital book crea-tion with the Oetinger 34 project. They’re also launching an eponymous portal where the different disciplines, authors, illustrators and lecturers can come together on common book projects. With strong support from publishing professionals and the community, new titles and exciting stories are being generated and published.

The agency was commissioned to help design the CI, slogan and key visuals of the new platform. The result is a testimonial concept with a unique visual language. The target group and their profession excite people for a joint book project with the slogan that translates to "create stories!”. SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg provided further input for the website and marketing tools such as brochures, advertisements and banners.

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