Mission Mixed Reality

Virtual reality was one of the hot topics in 2017. The advertising industry is also working intensively on the new technology and its potential applications. For example at the Salon Kreativ from media:net berlinbrandenburg and at the expert roundtable of the Fraunhofer IGD over the past few days in Berlin.

Not as widely known as virtual reality, but all the more versatile, is mixed reality. At the two events, Johannes Messmann, account director VR/MR at SAINT ELMO'S Berlin, illustrated the advantages of MR technology using the example of the BMW X2 Holo Experience. The authentic fusion of real-world environments with virtual 3D projections that users can easily interact with opens up completely new possibilities for brand and product staging.

The BMW X2 Holo Experience was developed by SAINT ELMO'S Berlin for the campaign of the new BMW X2 and was used internationally in BMW branches and BMW Brand Experience Centers. The mixed reality application is based on Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality.

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