"How to cross the Line". The XTL-Day 2014 in Berlin

"How to Cross the Line" was the motto of the first XTL-Day at SAINT ELMO'S in Berlin. With customers, partners and colleagues, SAINT ELMO'S wanted to find out what new and creative paths are available to succeed as an entrepreneur. The invited speakers, many of whom have already made their ideas a reality, showed us all how that works. In lectures, they presented their new business models and spoke about sources of inspiration, obstacles and the passion and courage to do something different.

The first was Dominic Blank. The founder and CEO of POSpulse showed us how he plans to improve the customer experience in retail locations using a new service called Connected Retail.

Christopher Cederskog has already pushed the boundaries of old industries with his company Airbnb. His unconventional idea has already been developed into a global network.

The economic journalist and author Thomas Ramge both entertained participants and inspired them to think in new ways. The topic of his presentation was the importance of communication in business. With the launch of his new book “Montags könnt ich kotzen” (On Mondays, I could puke), Ramge offered the entertainment highlight of the day. He told funny stories about communication situations that are typical for daily company and agency life. The examples also made it apparent how important clear communication can be for good cooperation.

Looking at cat pictures, shop till you drop, posting Belfies - is that really all you can do with the Internet? Moritz Eckert begs to differ. On behalf of his company, he travels the poorest regions of the world in order to trace the latest trends in technology. His mission is to show how we can use digital technologies to solve social problems and to bridge the gap between developed and developing countries. Marco Voigt's presentation on the lateral entrants and lateral thinkers made for a fantastic finish. This engineer wanted to help the eco-trend with a new image. Eco should no longer be associated only with hand-knitted jackets and linen bags, but rather radiate sexiness and glamor. With the idea of the "Green Oscars" and a lot of courage and commitment, he has succeeded in changing the Eco image and making it more attractive for companies.

Between the presentations, participants had the opportunity to enjoy tasty snacks and exchange ideas and thoughts over champagne or espresso. During an evening get-together, they were able to wind down with music and delicious food.

Our guests' positive feedback showed that the XTL-Day really struck a chord. The event provided participants with valuable inspiration for everyday life and had the courage to break new ground. Befitting our motto: Cross the Line!

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