Made for life

The creative agency Saint Elmo's has been given the task of rebranding the traditional ALNO brand following the strategic realignment of the brand.

The kitchen manufacturer ALNO is back - and presents itself from a completely new perspective: in the future, Saint Elmo's will place people at the centre of communication. Under the new slogan "Made for life", the kitchen theme will be interpreted in a way that is both approachable and emotional.

Life meets in the kitchen. A lot comes together here. The kitchen is more than just a place to cook, more than four walls and a number of square metres. It is room for everything and everyone. Space to work, enjoy, talk, relax and celebrate. The kitchen is the centre, the soul of the home.

That's why Saint Elmo's is committed to representing real life. This can be experienced and felt especially with eight new main motifs. Here, authentic scenes of daily life are created with people and emotional stories are told.

Berthold Müller, Head of Product Development & Marketing & Quality at Neue ALNO GmbH, commented: "We are delighted to bring our kitchens closer to both customers and experts in a completely new way. Finally, the personal touch that we feel from design to delivery resonates with us".

In order to spread this new "attitude to life" in the kitchen in a variety of ways, ALNO relies on broad communication. You can experience the new ALNO from the point of sale to out-of-home measures to the all-encompassing customer journal. The emotional highlight is provided by short film sequences of the stories, which are used at trade fairs, at retailers and online.


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