SAINT ELMO'S develops local sales activities for HVV

SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg has developed a sales marketing campaign for its clients at HVV (Hamburg Transport Association) that is customized for different usage scenarios.

The planning was preceded by a comprehensive regional market and target group analysis. This made it possible to identify appropriate potential and then adjust advertising accordingly. The adjustment was first done in very detailed way for individual districts and with a targeted HVV message for each target group. The goal of the campaigns is to boast ticket sales in the various regions and to introduce a new HVV subscription.

A variety of offerings and activities spearheaded the campaign, such as the ‘HVV wager’, a giveaway and a subscription with a trial period.

During the ‘HVV wager’, for example, players can compete with the public transit system using cars or bikes and a mobile landing page. The goal is to see who was faster. The time travel time and route are compared to the HVV timetable information.

Cooperation with the drugstore chain BUDNI strengthens the response and increases customer interest.

"We are pleased to serve a company that's so important for Hamburg and to accompany them on an innovative course. We’ve determined that a client who is frequented by so many different groups needs custom-tailored messages”, according Lasse Matthiesen, director of SAINT ELMO'S Hamburg.

Also in the second half of year, targeted activity packages are being implemented, leading to a consistent activation of various target groups.

For the areas of data analysis and back-end services, SAINT ELMO'S is collaborating with Experian Deutschland, which also provides the technological platform for the digital campaign management (CCMP).


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