Insights into virtual reality

Virtual reality is about to change our reality. And not only those of the gamers among us who can now immerse themselves in deceptively real fantasy worlds using VR glasses. VR technology is increasingly penetrating areas that sooner or later impact our real lives, such as medicine, industry, architecture and teaching.

On November 27th, the bitcom Virtual Reality Conference 2017 brought together some 180 VR experts, users and interested parties in Berlin to exchange views on the current application possibilities and the future of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Among other things, it was about how digital 3D models can make physical prototypes superfluous, how augmented reality simplifies logistics and what enormous potential VR technology has for learning content in a wide range of disciplines.

Kevin Prösel, Managing Director of SAINT ELMO'S Berlin and pioneer of Holographic Storytelling, was invited to speak at the BMW X2 Holo Experience by SAINT ELMO'S Berlin as an impressive example of how brands can use mixed reality to provide their customers with exciting virtual experiences at the point of sale. In the MR application, for the first time in the context of an advertising campaign, users can get to know a product in a playful and interactive way that is not yet on the market.

In addition to the new opportunities that mixed reality already opens up for brand and product productions, Kevin Prösel illustrated the technical advantages of VR and MR solutions and shared the outlook for their future development.

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