An Innovative Concept with Innovative Implementation

At the international ATZ symposium on grid integration for electromobility, which took place on June 5th and 6th, 2018 in Berlin, participants had the opportunity to get to know the BMW Server Farm Leipzig in a special way. A mixed reality application by SAINT ELMO'S Berlin offered them a virtual insight into the intelligent energy storage concept and the functioning of the Leipzig battery farm as well as into a future vision of electromobility.

The MR application, which the Berlin-based agency developed on behalf of BMW Energy Services, presents the innovative concept in an easily understandable and entertaining way. The HoloLens provides users with a 360° view of the energy farm, which wouldn’t otherwise be accessible to the public. With the aid of 3D animations, the various functions of the storage farm are presented, energy flows are visualised and networking and intelligent control are explained and made tangible. Hans-Peter Kemser, Head of the BMW Group Leipzig plant, and Dr. Joachim Kolling, Head of BMW Energy Services, are contributing their expertise and a personal touch. Both appear in the experience as holograms and share their expert knowledge with the users.

In addition to the ATZ conference, the mixed reality application was also used at international conferences of the BMW Group with a high number of participants and received consistently positive feedback from users.

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