Backstage at the SPORT 2000 In-Theater Commercial

Smack in the middle of Chiemgau and right at 1674 meters: The Hochfelln peak was transformed into a filmset at the beginning of July. Luckily, our twelve man film team didn’t have much hiking to do. The team at the mountain station put in an extra shift starting at 5:30 am. Using a cable car, they transported tons of equipment up to the top. In place of actors, we had real SPORT 2000 retailers standing in front of our camera. We shot them doing their favorite kinds of sports. Mountain climbing, yoga, mountain biking, trail running, tennis, fitness, football or jogging, we put it all in the perfect pose using a digital ARRI Amira. The big challenge for the shoot: the rigorous shooting schedule and the coordination of shots at eight different locations – and all that in just two days. The in-theater commercial is currently undergoing its final review. But you can already check out some great making-of footage. Enjoy!

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