America's Cup in the BMW world

On the occasion of the 35th America's Cup, SAINT ELMO'S built a virtual bridge between the venue in Bermuda and the BMW Welt in Munich.

The 360° world of experience conceived of and realized by SAINT ELMO'S Berlin for BMW enabled visitors to the BMW Welt to immerse themselves in the sports event over 6,000 kilometers away. The project was designed to emphasize BMW's role as the official technology partner of the American Oracle team.

In keeping with the Bavarian automobile manufacturer's standard for innovation, SAINT ELMO'S used new digital technologies to create an immersive user experience. In a three-meter-wide projection dome, 360° videos conveyed impressions of the international sailing regatta and provided visitors with information about the event, venue, Oracle team, boat, and equipment. Particular attention was paid to the technological contribution of BMW.

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