10 years of CHILDREN lunch table

For many people, hunger in Germany is a phenomenon that’s difficult to imagine. Nevertheless, that's the reality for almost every 6th child according to child protection agencies. For 10 years now, the chil-dren's charity "Children for a better World e.V." has been fighting against child poverty and for better opportunities for poor children in Germany. Together with initiators such as Georg Schweisfurth, the "basic AG" and other key supporters such as SAINT ELMO'S, the tenth anniversary of the CHILDREN's lunch table will be celebrated this year.

Growing up in poverty means suffering from lack of everything: a lack of healthy food and materials, but also from a lack of opportunities, belonging and prospects for success. CHILDREN has a clear strategy. It’s important to strengthen children and young people fundamentally to break the cycle of poverty.

Launched in Munich, Germany, the program now boasts over 53 partner organizations and regularly provides around 3,600 children with more than 250,000 healthy meals a year. In 2013, CHILDREN in-vested nearly 900,000€ in the promotion of socially disadvantaged children in Germany. Around 4.4 million EUR have been made available for CHILDREN's lunch table since 2004.

SAINT ELMO'S has been supporting the work of CHILDREN for 10 years now. We’ve accompanied the project’s various communicative efforts starting with the CI and the entire appearance of the brand. For example, a PR film about CHILDREN’S lunch table was created by SAINT ELMO'S.

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