[Translate to English:] AR-Filter für die Varo Kampagne

An AR filter with a deeper meaning?

For the US campaign ‘Varo. A bank for all of us.’, Saint Elmo’s Experiential has developed an AR filter with a socially relevant statement.

[Translate to English:] Varo Kampagne Visual

How do you advertise an open financial system?

In early 2021, the US bank Varo launched its campaign ‘Varo. A bank for all of us.’ Through this, the bank promoted an inclusive, easily accessible financial system for all Americans, regardless of gender, skin colour, income and social status. The inclusive approach and the slogan ‘It’s Your Money’ are reflected in the campaign motif of a customised 20-dollar note. With an augmented reality filter developed by Saint Elmo’s Experiential, the campaign goes one step further, inviting everyone to get involved and make a personal commitment to inclusion and diversity.

‘It’s Your Money’ becomes ‘It’s My Money’

The AR filter developed by Saint Elmo’s Experiential translates the theme of the Varo campaign into an interactive experience – anyone who wishes can position their face on the 20-dollar note to make it ‘their’ money. The users can then share their personalised banknote on social media, thus spreading the campaign’s message further. A perfect example of how augmented reality can be used to meaningfully enhance and extend classic campaigns.

AR filter für Instagram

The technology behind the magic

The AR experience had to be easy to use with convincing results. When it came to deciding on a platform, Instagram quickly became the first choice, since it enables brands to seamlessly dock AR experiences as part of their social media presence. Facebook’s Spark AR framework is also extremely robust and allows sophisticated AR effects. For the Varo ‘It’s Your Money’ IG story filter, it was important to make the intricately engraved look of US currency as realistic as possible. And we succeeded – through the use of the filter, the user’s face is tracked and transferred to the virtual banknote using real-time filter rendering with moiré imaging.

Varo AR-Filter Anwendung

US-wide campaign with Super Bowl launch

The Varo Bank campaign was developed by an international team of experts led by the Serviceplan Group New York. After its launch at Super Bowl on 7 February 2021, the integrated campaign was presented on TV, OOH radio and digitally across the entire United States of America.

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