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Virtual advertising in print media?

The advertising campaign for the fashion label ETERNA combines print ads with augmented reality to create a completely new brand and product experience.

Printed images that come to life?

No, this isn't not science fiction or a fantasy story. Thanks to augmented reality (AR), it's already possible to achieve movement in print media. The AR print ads that we developed for the fashion label ETERNA show what this looks like.

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Augmented couture – fashion that stands out

The fashion ads, which advertise two women's blouses of the traditional brand in lifestyle magazines, are transformed from print ads into advertising clips when viewed through the smartphone camera. Here's how it works: Open the magazine page with the print ad from ETERNA and scan the printed QR code with the mobile phone camera. Then confirm with a tap and the print motifs on the mobile phone display come to life.

No detours for the AR experience?

In order to experience the advertisements as animations, no additional software on the user smartphone is necessary. The new, web-based AR technology makes it possible to experience the AR animation without first having to install an app on the smartphone. This ensures a simple and smooth user experience as well as an elegant media change from print to online.

Eterna AR-Kampagne Video

From the print ad directly to the online shop?

The virtual fashion ads contain a direct link to the ETERNA online shop. Users who want to buy the advertised product can access the sales page with just one tap and place an online order. Buying can be so easy!

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Fresh wind in print?

ETERNA is one of the first fashion brands to advertise in Germany with virtual advertisements in print media. In order to target fashion-conscious women, the AR print ads were placed in lifestyle and fashion magazines with a predominantly female readership. The catwalk for the ETERNA campaign was formed by Gala, Brigitte, freundin, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Donna, Madame, Eltern and Myself, where the fashion ads were placed from October to November 2019.

The campaign is a collaboration between the agencies of the Serviceplan Group. The print campaign comes from the creative lead agency Serviceplan Campaign, the media plan from Mediaplus and the concept and technical implementation of the AR advertisement from SAINT ELMO'S Berlin.

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