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How does fun get into the sink?

The sink brand Schock called for a colorful, cheeky and entertaining B2C campaign. How do you do that? You put a diver in the sink!

Shock stands out among sink manufacturers. Their communication is colorful and extroverted. The color is also reflected in the product portfolio. Schock is one of the few manufacturers to offer a broad portfolio with a large selection of colors – innovative and colorful. This mentality was taken up in the conception of the B2C campaign. A film and a leitmotif were developed that are surprising and fun, in line with the Schock motto “Not everyday. Everyday." (German: Nicht alltäglich. Jeden Tag.)

And what's the center of home life? The kitchen and more precisely at the sink. This was staged as a central location and brought into focus. In an everyday moment – preparing a fish for subsequent cooking -–something extraordinary happens. A diver suddenly emerges from the sink. Divers and protagonists face each other in a surreal situation, which, however, merges seamlessly into everyday life with a Schock sink.

The film was shot at Bavaria Studios. In order to achieve an absolutely realistic effect, the diver rising in the sink was rotated completely without CGI. The result was an elaborate but very realistic effect.

Saint Elmo's, München, Schock, Werbeagentur, Spülen, Werbevideo
Saint Elmos, Schock, Werbekampagne, Making off
Making-Off Bilder
Saint Elmo's, München, Video, Schock, Kampagne
Making-Off Bilder
Saint Elmos, B2C, Schock, Werbekampagne
Making-Off Bilder
[Translate to English:] Saint Elmo's München Schock, Werbeagentur, Video, Taucher

The leitmotif was illustrated on the basis of the filmed diver. In order to continue the extraordinary moment in the print motif, elements of the underwater world were displayed in a kaleidoscope effect. An ideal template to animate the motif for online use.

The motif was shown in OOH, POS and exhibition stands.

The films were shown as YouTube Prerolls, at the POS and on Adressable TV. With 993,528 views on YouTube and an 86% view-to-end rate, the campaign was extremely successful.

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